Welcome to the wedding website of Julio and Krista Corona!

Can you believe it!? We finally made it legal and filed all those lovely government court and immigration papers. After having been together over 10 years, we said those official words, "I Do!"

Julio and Krista's Wedding Rings

Falling in love with someone that lives in a different country presents many challenges, and it is certainly not a quick or easy path to being together legally and permanently side by side.

We were glad to have our friends and family see us through our long bouts of separation through the years. We were excited to have you all share in our blissful day of nuptials and celebration. It means so much to have our family and friends loving, encouraging and supporting us, and we thank you!

December 12, 2010 was truly a long-awaited, special day!

We spent our first anniversary in the honeymoon suite at The Coombs House Inn where we were married. It was wonderfully romantic, complemented by a full moon shining over the water, and was extremely enjoyable for us both.