Julio and Krista's Wedding Ceremony

Julio and Krista's Wedding Ceremony 2010

The ceremony, and reception that followed, were held at The Coombs House Inn, located at 80 Sixth Street in Apalachicola, FL. It is a quaint, Victorian Bed and Breakfast, with beautiful rooms. The ceremony took place in the garden gazebo, then moved indoors for the reception party afterward to celebrate.

For reviews and the exact location of our wedding venue, check out The Coombs House Inn Google Maps page.

Wedding Details:
Colors: Burgundy, black and white
Officiant: Jack Mullen
Maid of Honor: Rachel Howell
Best Man: Larry Howell
Ring Bearer: April Holzman
Bride's Escort: Corey Holzman
Mother of the Bride: Marlene Crowe
Personalized Wine Ceremony Box

It was a small, personal, meaningful, non-religious wine ceremony. The bride and groom each had a different wine, one red and one white, that they poured and mixed together in a larger goblet. Each one drank from the mixture to represent their unity. A bottle of blush wine (to emulate the pink mixed color) was placed in a personlized box, along with letters the bride and groom wrote to each other. The box was to be opened on their 1st Anniversary, when they share the bottle of wine as they read the letters they wrote each other. They will write another letter each anniversary, and a new bottle of wine will be placed in the box along with the new letters to be opened the next year, continuing throughout the years of their marriage.

Our Ceremony Music:
Walking Down the Aisle Kenny G - Peace
Welcome and Reading Rob Dougan - Instrumental
Vows and Ring Exchange Kenny G - Innocence
The Wine Ceremony Rhonda Larson - The Boatman
Wine and Box Ceremony Russian Orchestra - Celtic
The Pronouncement Arjuna and Shakya - Celtic Tune