Julio Proposes to Krista

Julio and Krista 2008

They had discussed getting married many times over the years. They picked dates in the future that meant something special to them personally as a couple. About three or so years prior, they had talked about how getting married on 08/03/08 would be a fitting date for them. It turned out it wasn't meant to be, but that date is now forever ingrained as important in their relationship.

After being together in a long distance relationship for eight years and eight months, on August 3, 2008, Julio, seemingly very nervous, got up the courage to ask Krista to become his wife.

They had a lovely dinner, and then with champagne standing by, Julio went to his jacket that hung on the wall, pulled out a pretty red box with a white bow, and sat closely next to Krista on the sofa. Julio began to talk about how long they had been together, how much he loved her, and how he could not see himself being with anyone else, ever. He then asked Krista if she would marry him and become his wife.

I was evil, and just kept silent, staring into his eyes after he asked me. His heart started racing, and I could almost see the nervous sweat beads begin to roll down off his head. His eyes started to look like he could cry, -then- I decided it was the right time to not keep him wondering anymore, and I said what he should have known was coming, "Yes!" ~Krista (Bride)

Julio was on leave without pay from his job to be with Krista and her daughter for their summer 2008 visit there. Paying for their plane tickets and other expenses of the visit left him without the means to have the custom ring made that he had envisioned for Krista.

I had thought for years about having a white gold or platinum ring made for Krista. It would be a Claddagh ring, using 2 tear drop diamonds, or other precious gemstones, to form the heart in the center of the hands. ~Julio (Groom)

Not wanting to ask for her hand in marriage without presenting her with a ring at all, Julio slipped off to go shopping through the jewelry stores at the mall one day. Krista had said she did not want or need an expensive ring or even a diamond at all, but Julio thought she deserved the best, and if he couldn't provide that at the moment, he was at least determined to get her a diamond engagement ring. He picked out a ring, with a pretty design, that Krista had mentioned was cute once when they had been window shopping together.